Midkemia Derailed


Bran Stormwind (Human Monk) met Pug and Tomas and accidentally killed the mysterious man onboard the mystery ship that had broken apart at Sailors Grief.

Vum (Half-orc Cleric) challenged a group of morhedel trackers and was left for dead. After the morehedel passed, Evean (Elf Ranger) assisted Vum in exchange for a spear. Bran witnessed the interaction and was able to stabilize the half-orc, but was unable to remove the arrow. The small group decided to go to Father Tully for healing.

Bor (Mountain Dwarf Barbarian) stumbled out of the Dancing Bear tavern in the town of Crydee to witness the group walking down the street. In response to the obvious hallucinations, he started screaming obscenities and was slapped by Evean. Bor could not bear this insult and nearly chopped the elf in half, from behind, with his greataxe.

Vum commanded the guards to flee, and the party made their way to the keep.

Father Tully mended Evean and Vum, but was unable to divine the origin of the strange sword and dagger. The party met Elote (Human Wizard) who guided them to Kulgan’s room in the tower. Vum and Bor broke down the door and the whole party saved Kulgan from being sucked into an otherworldly rift. Evean quickly fired an arrow at the black-robed attackers and the rift was closed with a burst of blue fire.

The party went down to inspect the sword and dagger, being held by Swordmaster Fannon. Bor claimed ownership of the strange greatsword and there was an ownership dispute, ultimately leading to death of Swordmaster Fannon.

Alignments were adjusted.. and the party fled to the green heart.

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